Board of Directors


Amitabha “Guppy” Gupta


I have been a part of the Fred Hutch community in both lab-based and admin roles since 2012. I now serve as the Scientific Content Strategist for the Philanthropy department. Over the years I have seen the critical role Hutch Kids has played in the science that happens here and in the lives of the kids of many friends who went here. I was lucky enough to join the Hutch Kids parent community in 2018 when my daughter Noelle started as a Duckling and has grown into an amazing soon-to-be Rainforest. The importance of the curriculum and care at Hutch Kids cannot be overstated in all of this. I have been inspired to help Hutch Kids as it shepherds the next generation while also playing a critical role in providing childcare to the community, particularly in aidingthe retention of women and BIPOC folx in science. I hope to bring an anti-racist lens as well as my strategic and communications skills to bear in this role.

Josh Larkin

Joshua Larkin

Vice President

We became a part of the Hutch Kids community in July 2021 when our daughter (Ravenna -18 months) joined. We are very excited to be a part of this amazing community. My wife and I are both from Western Washington originally, having met at the University of Washington where we bonded over our love of Husky Football. I joined Fred Hutch in November 2019 after working for the Allen Institute for Brain Science for four years and spending two years at the University of British Columbia studying Neuroscience. I serve as a Lab Data Project Manager at SCHARP, a part of the Vaccine and Infectious Diseases Division department of Fred Hutch. In my position, I focus on process improvement and facilitating effective communication across many stakeholders. I am looking forward to bringing that expertise to the Hutch Kids Board and trying to make a positive impact in whatever way I can. Outside of work, I enjoy reading and writing fiction, and studying history. Our family loves hiking, camping, visiting with friends and family, playing with our dog Tuck and the Seattle Sounders (and Seattle sports in general).


Kevin Barry


I joined the Fred Hutch in October 2019 as an Assistant Professor in the Public Health Sciences Division. I am originally from Sammamish, WA and completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Washington. I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for 10 years while I completed my graduate and postdoctoral studies. My daughter joined a preschool class at Hutch Kids in December 2020 and I have been immensely impressed with the environment, learning, and care that is provided by Hutch Kids. Hutch Kids is truly a unique and wonderful place! My experiences with Hutch Kids have motivated me to be more involved and to give back to this wonderful community.

Through my work I have experience with managing a research team, managing funding/budgets, and analyzing and interpreting complex problems to find solutions or paths forward. I look forward to applying these skills as a member of the Hutch Kids Board. I hope that I may be an asset to help continue the amazing care provided by Hutch Kids. Outside of work and my other responsibilities, I enjoy golfing, bicycling, enjoying the great outdoors, and spending time with my family.


Denise McCulloch


I joined Fred Hutch in October 2022 as an Assistant Professor in the Vaccine and Infectious Diseases Division, where my work combines patient care, research, and administrative responsibilities. In my role on the Hutch Kids board, I hope to support the organization in its mission to provide high quality early education in a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment. 


Jesse Bloom

I am a professor at the Fred Hutch, and have been part of the Hutch Kids community since my daughter Alice joined in the summer of 2018. Our entire family feels so fortunate to be part of a center that not only provides such great child care for Alice, but where both she and we have so much fun and have gotten to know so many wonderful teachers.

My hope in joining the board is to be able to assist Hutch Kids in maintaining this excellence in the years to come.


Meghan Koch

I joined the Fred Hutch in 2018 as an assistant professor in the Basic Sciences Division. My two children (1 & 4yrs old) joined Hutch Kids in October 2019 and since that time I have been extremely impressed with the culture and dedication of this organization. I am committed to enhancing women and under-represented folx in STEM and I believe that childcare is a huge component of this effort. I am excited to be a member on the Hutch Kids board and to help guide this amazing childcare center into the future.


Liza Ray

I joined the Hutch community in 2011 and soon after started working in science education at the Hutch. For years I heard rave reviews about Hutch Kids. My family got to experience it first hand when my kiddo started as a Starfish in 2019, then was a Wildflower, and is now (2022) wrapping up in Rainforest before she heads to her final year in Trailblazers.

The teachers and environment are so supportive and engaged. The genuine joy and thoughtful care is impressive! Because it is such a great environment, I joined the Hutch Kids Strategic Planning Committee from 2020-2021. Now (2022), I look forward to supporting Hutch Kids as it continues to provide children and their families with a nourishing environment where everyone can learn and thrive.


Randall McClure

Randall McClure is a clinical leader @ FHCC with over 16 years of experience @ the FHCC(formerly SCCA). He began his career as a Unit Attendant(Courier) while pursuing education to become a Radiation Therapist. Randall quickly moved through the ranks of leadership and currently manages the SLU department of Radiation Oncology, interim site manager of Proton Center, and interim senior manager of RadOnc. Although Randall takes pride in his work and improving the patient experience while supporting his team to provide the highest level of care, he is most passionate about his family. Randall has two amazingly talented and grounded daughters, ages 12 and 10. His oldest has a strong love for ballet and currently dances @ PNB. Randall has coached his youngest daughter’s recreational league soccer team for 5 years and is sad and proud to say that this chapter of his life is ending this year. Many of the athletes are moving on to higher levels of competition, including his daughter, thus he his hanging up his soccer coaching cleats. Randall enjoys building relationships with diverse groups and hopes to learn something from every individual he interacts with. Gardening and a love for the water and nature is where you can find Randall spending his time outside of work. He and his daughters recently built a small sailing dinghy over the pandemic and is eager to get it into the water in the next few weeks. Randall has a strong belief in community and has a strong desire to make the world a better place in any way he can. If you see Randall around the campus he would love to chat and get to know you.

Katrina Welch-Reardon

I joined the Philanthropy department at Fred Hutch in 2017 leaving behind a career as a scientist but excited to help our incredible researchers secure private funding from external sources. In 2018, our eldest joined Hutch Kids as a Wildflower. Although I knew Hutch Kids had a great reputation, I was comforted knowing my kid would be right downstairs from my office. Fast forward three years and my comfort has turned to excitement and confidence that both of our sons are in a loving environment surrounded by teachers and staff that are dedicated to positively impacting their growth and development.

Serving on the Hutch Kids board provides an opportunity for me to give back to the Hutch Kids community that has devoted their time caring for my kids. I am eager to provide support to Hutch Kids as a board member and act as a liaison among parents, staff, teachers, and administers at Fred Hutch. I also hope to use my fundraising and grant writing skills to support the financial needs and wishes of Hutch Kids.


Joseph Riggs

Joseph Riggs (he/him/his) is the Vice President of Radiation Oncology at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center. He joined the FHCC team in February 2023 and oversees the Radiation Oncology service line across the Fred Hutch and University of Washington radiation treatment center locations.

Joseph received a master’s degree in Health Systems Administration (MHSA) from Georgetown University in Washington D.C., and completed his Administrative Fellowship at Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore, MD. He has over 10+ years in ambulatory operations management and served as the Enterprise Administrator of the Radiation Oncology department at Jefferson Health in Philadelphia, PA.


Aimée Olivier

I joined the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center community in the office of the CFO at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance in 2015. Even as a new hire, I recall hearing wonderful things about Hutch Kids and my respect for the program has only grown over my time here. I know many colleagues and friends who have been and are eager for their children to attend this amazing program. 

Currently, I serve the Fred Hutch organization as the Director of Corporate Risk Management. Risk management is a holistic practice that involves understanding and optimizing the complex and interdependent relationships between people, processes, and organizational objectives. Finding alignment across and among those facets is an endlessly engaging and rewarding experience, and I am delighted to share my skills and experience with the Board of Directors for Hutch Kids. Additionally, education has always been an important part of my life and one that I have been involved with as long as I can remember – my mother was a teacher who finished her career as an elementary school principal. I witnessed firsthand how the investment in early childhood education pays dividends in the lives of families, communities, and the world. 

Kristen Headshot

Kristen Johnson

I joined Fred Hutch in 2021 as a Staff Scientist in the Clinical Research Division. I completed my PhD at Notre Dame and my postdoctoral studies at UT Southwestern Medical Center, where I studied the properties of membrane-binding proteins and how lipid organization controls signaling within our cells. In 2021, my husband’s job brought us to Seattle. This move gave me the opportunity to leap from basic science to clinical research, a leap I had long wanted to make with the goal of performing research that will translate into a cure. I have a strong desire to perform research that will ultimately improve patient lives and believe that research at Fred Hutch is the perfect environment to do so.

I joined the Hutch Kids community in 2023 when my daughter, Finley, joined the Dolphin classroom.  I am continuously impressed with the wonderful teachers and staff at Hutch Kids and the positive impact they have on my daughter’s growth and development.  I hope that my involvement in the Hutch Kids Board of Directors will help to maintain and grow the mission of Hutch Kids. I feel lucky to be a member of the Hutch Kids community and thankful for the opportunity to give back to the organization that has given my daughter so much.