Strategic Plan

The Hutch Kids Board is responsible for setting the strategic plan, driving its implementation, and tracking progress. The Board works with the Strategic Planning Committee to define, update and track progress against the strategic plan. Both the Board and the Strategic Planning Committee coordinate with Hutch Kids staff to implement the strategic objectives and obtain relevant information that indicates progress towards specific goals and targets. Current strategic focus includes:


Relationship and Research Based • Respectful Collaborations
Growth Mindset • Accountability • Diversity and Equity

Strategic Objectives

• Ensure staff have the skills and tools to excel in their roles as educators
• Maintain a high functioning board of directors
• Support the holistic well-being of staff
• Strengthen relationships with partners to most effectively serve Hutch Kids community
• Continue to invest in support for accreditation, rating and performance of the center
• Foster a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture for children, families, and staff